About Us

The JET Alumni Association is a world-wide organization aimed at keeping JET Alumni connected to their communities both domestic and abroad.  We aim to keep the Southern California and Arizona communities engaged in social, educational, and philanthropic activities throughout the year.  Our dedicated volunteer officers and coordinators work together with our Board of Advisors to continue pushing our group into new and exciting avenues.


Jon Harwell


Alberto Servin


Michael Coleman


Originally from Hawaii, Jon spent three years as an ALT on JET from 2014-2017 in Oita Prefecture. During his time there, he organized events for Oita AJET and loved connecting the local Japanese and expat AJET communities together through fun events involving lots of good food. Jon previously served as JETAASC's Event Coordinator and as this year's Co-President, hopes to engage with many alumni through fun networking events.

Originally from San José, CA, Alberto served two years as a CIR in Wakayama City from 2015 to 2017. After JET, he went to Osaka and worked in the private sector for 2 and a half years. During his time in Osaka, Alberto joined JETAA Western Japan and served as President. He returned to the US at the end of March 2020, and joined JETAASC as a Co-Event Coordinator.


As this year's Co-President, Alberto looks forward to working with the JETAASC team to bring more social, volunteer, and career development-related events to the community. He hopes that these events create more opportunities for JETAASC alumni to stay connected with each other and with other JETAA chapters online.

Hailing from the East Coast, Michael served on JET from 1997-2000 in Ibaraki Prefecture, home of Natto and Aikido. While there, he was Social Coordinator for AJET, climbed Fuji three times (and twice more after leaving), and mastered cooking okonomiyaki. Since returning to the states, he has interviewed JET candidates every year, joined JET recruitment panels at conventions, and forced his children to go to a Japanese Immersion school.  He currently lives in Los Angeles working as an actor and was recently elected to the local Neighborhood Council, where he previously served as Treasurer. 

Gabriela Cruz


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Gabriela Cruz was a Tokyo JET from 2015-2017. While on JET, she was also a part of the Tokyo JET Professional Development committee where they provided ALTs with resources they could use to create lessons for their classes. In 2020, Gabriela served as the Public Relations Coordinator for JETAASC. 

Grant Minagawa

Co-Events Coordinator

Hi, my name is Grant! I was on JET from 2010-2014 and placed in Okinawa Prefecture. I taught at two high schools in Uruma City for my first two years, and then moved to Naha and worked at the Prefectural Office and a special needs school.


I’m originally from Hawaii, and after JET I served as a Social Events Coordinator for JETAA Hawaii from 2016-2017, when I moved to SoCal. I’ve enjoyed being a part of the JET Alumni community for the last few years; whether it’s in Hawaii, Southern California, or virtually now due to the pandemic. I’m looking forward to bringing you more events and building a stronger JETAASC community online.

Laura Lee

Co-Events Coordinator

Born and raised in LA, Laura (she/her) was on JET from 2015-2018 in Yamaguchi Prefecture as a CIR. During her time there, she was a PA for her prefecture and enjoyed meeting new people, going to summer music festivals, and traveling. She currently works at the Japanese Consulate and volunteers at her local temple. In her free time, if not at home watching anime, you can catch her babysitting her nieces and nephew, trying out new restaurants, or playing boardgames/DnD with friends.