Privacy Policy

The short of it is: we promise not to misuse your information.


The long of it:

JETAASC will not sell, distribute, or share your information with absolutely anyone, except under the following limited circumstances:

  • Each year, as part of our grant request, we provide CLAIR NY a list of JET Alumni living in the Southern California and Arizona area with: their names, years on JET, & JET prefecture. All other information will only be accessible to JETAA officers. As a result of this financial support, membership is free.

  • If any other organization (say, a prefectural organization) asks for the contact info of people according to certain criteria, if we think it is in the best interests of our members, JETAASC will act as a go-between.

  • We are currently looking into developing a better inter-JET community link. When this comes about, we will offer an opt-in program where, if you choose, your information may be shared just among the JET community. Example features would include the ability to look up everyone who’d lived in a certain prefecture during a certain time period, and see where they are in the world — or to search the JET community for people with certain skills, like a lawyer or a doctor. This functionality is not yet complete, and when it is implemented, access will only be on a volunteer basis.

  • That’s it! We’re not going to let random schmoes off the street at you, and we’re not going to bombard you with marketing email.


What you can expect from joining up with us:

  • Regular newsletters about activities in the area.

  • Notices about job opportunities.

  • The ability to interact with the JET community through our website — things like RSVPing for events, posting pictures, catching up with old friends, and the like!


If any of this is unclear, please feel free to email us at